How I Relax After a Long Day:

Life is becoming pretty cray-cray (crazy) while trying to balance school, a full time job, bills bills and did I mention more bills? Here’s a few ways that I relax after a stressful day

1. Workout:

Surprise, Surprise! MOST people dislike the idea of working out at all. However, it is EXTREMELY relaxing! I don’t really follow a guide unless I find a awesome challenge on pinterest that goes for 30 days so I mainly try to work out 3 days a week (Monday’s,Wednesday’s, and Friday’s) usually in the mornings or in the afternoon’s right before the sunset.

2. Drink Tea & Browse Social Media:

I love to think of myself as a tea connoisseur. Just how Bubba from Forest Gump knows about all the different ways that you can cook shrimp yeah that’s how I am with tea lol! Nevertheless, I enjoy drinking my chamomile tea bright and early in the morning while browsing my Social Media feed. This is my ultimate way of relaxing into the evening while practically binge watching on hair videos, DIY projects, new workout tricks, as well as make up videos as well.

3.Netflix & Chill

Or in better words shall I say SeriesOnline.iO and chill lol!  But in this case I’m not speaking in regards to the regular Netflix & Chill I’m speaking in regards to binge watching on a movie or tv show series. Right now I just finished binging on ‘The Flash” and I am heart broke I’m just uncertain on what to do with myself now that I’m finished lol!

4. Read

Sounds simple right? Wrong. Although we read everyday it makes a huge difference when you’re reading a novel that either inspires you, motivates you, educate, or for plain old leisure. According to Huffington Post reading helps us sleep better rather than scrolling through our phones which would keep our brains active. Right now I’m currently reading two books “101 Secrets for Your Twenties” by Paul Angone and “You Are A BadASS” by Jen Sincero.


My MOST favorite! I’m sure we all love sleeping so when we’re able to get extra sleep that’s just a bonus! Whether its a nap or even going to bed early helps. Normally, when I go to bed earlier than usual I allow my spoil brats to sleep with me.

6. Coloring

An oldie but always a goodie! I recently discovered a coloring app called ReColor and oh my goodness it has helped me relax in my most craziest/stressful situations. It’s something about allowing your inner artist out and getting lost into your creation and watching your . Although a few people believe that coloring is for children I completely disagree. Coloring is for every and anyone.

7. Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Another favorite for me to do (HA) I absolutely LOVE drinking Sutter Home. Pink Moscato to be exact but if you’re not a fan of Pink Moscato that’s okay because they a wide variation’s of drinks that you can try!

8. Meditation:

I was introduced to Meditation from one of my close friends. I used to have trouble with sleeping and relaxing my ever so racing mind so I would meditate for at least 10-15 minutes 30 minutes max right before bed. It’s a great way to relax yourself and puts yourself into a more positive mindset. There is a lot of controlled breathing which is awesome for your getting your heart rate down to slip into that relaxing state of mind.
Any other suggestion’s? How do you relax after a long day? Let me know in the comment below!

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