20 Date Night Ideas (That Aren’t Netflix and Chill)

This one is for my guys (or ladies) who would like to do something fun and not TOO pricey for a date night/ or day with your significant other.

1. Walk around a Farmers Market: On a beautiful Sunday morning, there’s nothing better than strolling down rows of home-grown veggies, flowers, AND baked goods! YUM!

2. Trip to a museum: Whats better than ignoring each other on social media? Staring and TALKING about the art pieces and your thoughts about it.
art-of-the-brick-cary-lin_3 700x396
3. Youtube Karoke in the Living Room: I don’t know about you guys but I’m somewhat of a huge Disney fan and whats more funner than watching Disney movies? Singing them out loud of course! Don’t forget the drinks either so that your significant other can at least loosen up.

4. Picnic at The Park: Spend some QT (Quality Time) at a national park or a park that simply has a nice scenery.

5. Go Bowling: Even if you SUCK at bowling (which I personally suck) it doesn’t even matter because the “competition” between the two of you would make it worth while. Worse case scenario if the person is too competitive just enjoy the beer (lol!).

6. Take a “How well do you know me” trivia quiz: Now at this point hopefully you know this person at least well enough that you can answer the spew of questions they may ask.

7. Go to a zoo: Discuss your favorite animals and admire how cute they are: even though they’re in captivity.

8. Play board games: Board games like Dirty Minds, Monopoly, Headbandz, Exploding Kitten and many more are very fun boardgames to play. Whether it’s just the two of you love birds or a double date.

9. Go to a Arcade: Let your inner child run wild and FREE! Adulting isn’t always fun so let that stress go with a awesome time at your nearest arcade.GameTime_Tampa_New-Mega_Arcade

10. Discover new spots in your city: There’s always something new and exciting to come from random explorations.

11. Watch a Sunset: How romantic can you get? Talk about the current events and possibly share each other most embarrassing moments as the sun begins to set.

12. Ice Cream Date: Go to your nearest hibachi handcrafted ice cream parlor and give them the experience of their lifetime. Or you can go to ColdStone which is equally as good too!

13. Cooking Competition: Buy the ingredients for you both to make variations of the same dish and have a cooking competition to see who is the “Better” cook. Don’t forget to have a judge of course!

14. Rent a Kayak or Canoe: Admire Mother Nature at her finest and try your best at searching for the animals. If you’re in Florida maybe you’ll spot a manatee!

15. Stargaze: Whether you’re gazing from the back of a pickup truck or on a rooftop, stargazing is the right way to go. Just Don’t forget a 6 pack of beer or a bottle of wine and a cozy blanket.

16. Teach him/her your specialty: Now this one you should REALLY enjoy. Whether it’s playing baseball, skateboarding, golfing or basketball, share it with him/her and plan an awesome day around it.

Hint: If your favorite past time is baseball. Take him/her to the batting cages and teach them how to swing if they’re not sure on how to do so.  But overall, they’ll be excited to learn more about you and what better way to spend time together teaching them about something you genuinely enjoy doing?

17. Go Bike Riding: It’s 2017 you can literally rent a bike anywhere! So on a nice breezy Saturday or Sunday morning map out places for the two of you to check out and “Ride Sally Ride!”0434832475_15766027_8col

18. Go to a brewery/winery tasting: Admit it… You’d enjoy It your significant other would enjoy it. It sounds like a win win situation to me. Even if they don’t enjoy it they’ll still take pictures showing everyone where they’ve been.

19. Homemade Pizza Night: Who doesn’t love to make pizza? Set up all of the ingredients with your favorite toppings and make a pie together. It’s not that hard either, even if you’re not the best cook. Then you could always surprise them with desert!

20. Stare at each other. What else is there to do you’ve been on 20 DATES!!!!!!

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