Hair Growth:

Hey Dolls! So I decided to take the #ManetabolismHairGrowthChallenge a little over two months ago. I have taken the hair vitamins before however that was before the revision of the vitamins. Currently I am on my 3rd bottle and BOY OH BOY am I noticing a HUGE and I mean HUGE difference. Now let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty for a better understanding of this AMAZING product.

(You can also view my video on my YouTube channel here →TheManeChoice Review)

Nitty Gritty:
Now let’s be honest, we should know while using these hair growth supplements your hair will grow like crazy..meaning EVERY PLACE that grows hair on your body will grow faster than normal. Now if you have a problem with this maybe these supplements aren’t for you; But, if you are okay with that then get ready to tweeze, wax, and or shave more than usual.

Hair growth
Thicker Hair
Stronger Nails

Acne breakouts

Small precautions:

1) Dosage:  2 pills a day. If you can’t swallow pills no problem you can break the capsules in your tea, water, juice, or protein shake.

2) Water: It is extremely important to intake a lot of water while taking these supplement pills because if you don’t you will be prone to break out.

3) Duration: There are 60 capsules in the container. Therefore, you will consume two capsules each day for that month.



I highly recommend these hair growth supplements to any and everyone! I however would advise to do further research just to make sure that this supplement is for you; even if you decide that it isn’t for you I do recommend trying the scalp nourishing growth oil it’s usually 11.99 at your local Sally’s, Target, Walgreens, and CVS which grows your hair pretty  quick as well. Not to mention, try out The Mane Choice shampoo and conditioner as well (I prefer the Easy on the curls). Nevertheless, I hope you have a happy and healthy hair journey!



* Disclaimer:  Please understand that I am not a doctor. Everything based in this article is from my personal experience. If you have health issues please consult your doctor before taking the pills. The pictures associated in this blog does not belong to me. Nor am I being paid for this review everything mentioned I paid for with my own money. *

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