How I Travel with Natural Hair

So this week I decided to go on a whim and travel to D.C. (I mean YOLO right?) Any who so while I was packing I had this huge dilemma with myself. Can anyone guess what that dilemma was? *Cues drumroll* How the heck should I do my hair while there?? I mean the weather this week is said to not be that great tt’s supposed to be filled with thunderstorms. So I planned out multiple scenarios and “back up hair styles” just in case of a Hair FAIL. Below are ways that I travel with natural hair whether the weather (haha do you see what I did there? LOL) would allow my hair to flourish.

Your Essentials:

There are a few products that is an absolute MUST have for me. BUT lately I have been in LOVE and I mean in LOVE with TheManeChoice “Doesn’t Get Much BUTTER Than This. That is an absolute must have to make my twist outs, flat twist, Bantu knots, AND twist outs with rollers on the end beautiful and voluminous. Between that product and using the LOC method (continue reading down below to  see the products that I use for my LOC method)



Now if you’ve been natural for a while then you know what the “LOC” method is. However, If you’re a newly natural (And I welcome you with open arms) then you may not know the break down of the abbreviation. LOC simply stands for (L) Leave in Conditioner that’s mainly water based or water (I use a spray bottle with conditioner and water), (O) Oil which I use coconut oil for the most part, and lastly (C) for cream and the cream that I prefer if not TheManeChoice Daily Moisturizer then I will use my Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus line. So for example: With my two strand twists out I would use this method with freshly washed/co-washed hair part my hair into four parts and use the LOC method to hold  in the moisture.

coconut-oil-650x650shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie2


*WARNING: The key to a BOMB and I mean BOMB twist out is for your to be completely dry or it may not come out how you imagined.*

For the days that you’re dealing with humidity and you’re eager to leave the hotel I would recommend the either a cute head wrap or a top knot bun. Which if you decide to go with the top knot bun that’s easily achieved with three MAJOR keys. 1. A toothbrush YES a toothbrush It helps in laying those edges girl!, 2. A good brush, and 3. Tangle free scrunchy. The KEY to this hair style is to start with wet moisturized hair, add a liberal amount of ECO-Styler (I prefer the olive oil ONE), then edge control and brush your hair into a high bun (if you’re up to it you can always add Marley hair to make your bun bigger). After you lay your edges and slick your hair how you would want it to be lay your hair down with a scarf for about 20-30 minutes. This will leave your bun sleek, shiny, and FLEEKYYYY (lol!) once you take the scarf off.


*DON’T FORGET A Satin Scarf for your hair at night so that your hair can stay fresh whether its straight or curly!*

Check the Weather:

Are you visiting somewhere cooler or colder? Because of our hair textures certain protective styles will work better OR sometimes worse. For example: Wearing 20-inches of Malaysian body wave on the islands should certainly be reconsidered for the simple fact that the weather is extremely hot.

On a previous trip that I took to Gainesville,FL I decided that I wanted to sport my hair out. MIND YOU I didn’t realize that the weather was going to be very nasty. The humidity after the rain had my hair looking like it was tumbleweed. Now what did I learn that day? Check the Weather and ALWAYS have a back up hair style. I really hope that you guys gained some information from this post! Don’t forget to subscribe to the email and my page as well!

– Stay Beautiful,
Kasey Howardface-throwing-a-kiss

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