Not So Jolly For The Holidays

Hey Ya’ll! As the holidays are approaching there are a lot of mixed emotions about who’s contributing what for Christmas. Finding the perfect gift for loved ones or even affordable flights back home can be financially questionable. Below are personal tips of my own on how I cope with the Holiday season.

1. Be Good to Yourself:
If you’re feeling down please pamper yourself! Self care is K-e-y during the holiday season try to take a walk or spend some quality time with yourself. Just remember this is your holiday too so you should be able to enjoy it as well.

2. Routine:
When it comes to changing your “normal” routine you tend to stress more. So exercising yourself and your mind is definitely needed just try to keep your eating habits normal therefore you wouldn’t have any mood swings.

3. Don’t Spend it Alone.. UNLESS You Want to:
Volunteer feeding the less fortunate if you’re able to or even make dinner, place it in styrofoam and drive around your City/Town to feed others.

4. Feelings…So DEEP In Your Feelings:
It’s okay to acknowledge your feelings during the holidays don’t force yourself to be happy. If someone close to you has recently passed or if you can’t be with your loved ones during the holiday, It’s OK to take the time out to for a good cry or even express your feelings to a close friend.

5. Budget:
Allow yourself to sit down and ration out how much money you plan on spending for groceries, gifts, and/or donating to a charity.

6. Taking on too much:
Make a list and prioritize from whats more important and whats not. Don’t allow yourself to over commit to responsibilities and remember to pace yourself.

7. Remember the Season:
Most people tend to forget the true meaning of the holidays this is where reaffirming yourself comes in handy by helping others to remind you of the true meaning of the holiday season. Give gifts that money cannot buy; You can become super creative with the help of YouTube AND you can avoid the holiday traffic by doing so.

8. Reflection:
As the year comes to an end some of us reflect on what has changed and what hasn’t like losing friends, making new friends, new-found love, leaving a toxic relationship, heck letting your job know that you’re not taking any more of their crap if they don’t pay you more! (LOL). Let this just be a reminder to give yourself credit, be grateful for all of the lessons that you learned, and appreciate what you do have. But most importantly look towards the future with optimism.

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