Don’t Ignore the Red Flags Sis!

*Clears throat* Is this thing on? Hey ya’ll! Long time no talk huh? Well, I’m here to help out my ladies who are ignoring their intuition for someone that just SEEMS like the “perfect” man. giphy

So here’s a story that happens to the best of us. Girl meets boy; boy seems like he’s an amazing person right? So he woos you shows you that he’s “different” from other guys seems like the perfect gentleman. Then boom! He starts being inconsistent and communicating just isn’t his strong suit. One of the many problems with dating is that there’s way too many players now and many of them work eagerly to not be seen as one. In fact, some are able to fool you so well and are pretty slick at hiding it and those my friends we call them F-boys.  It literally happens to the best of us sadly. The issue with F-boys, contrary to womanizers, that that they are low quality men overall. They tend to get their validation through YOUR emotional attachment (ie.: “two girls are into me, I must be the man!”) heck they feed themselves with music and/or books that feeds their ego after all. So follow me sis, let me show you those red flags you’ve been missing.


Definition of a F-boy: They’re sly, sneaky snakes, liars, and players. They’ll gaslight you leading you to believe that you two are building something together by pretending that they’re interested in you when in reality you’re just another lay, leaving you confused and taken aback.



  1. Cold shoulder

You’ll find the cold shoulder game unbearable! “Why doesn’t he text me like he used to?”, “Why does he feel so distant”, “He seems so dry lately what’s going on with him?”.

These are the thoughts that races through your mind constantly I don’t care what anyone says trying to keep yourself busy during this phase is legit the hardest. I’m not the type to chase after you if you want to put your all into me I will match you times 10. BUT, me consistently hounding you down and continually expressing what you’re doing is hurting my feelings is a no go for me. If you get lucky, once he turns back hot he’ll be ready to do the chase again and will attempt to be in your good graces.


2. He never calls you

Nowadays a lot of people prefer text messaging over actual phone calls. So with that being said, IF a man never goes out of his way to call you or rarely answer’s your phone call but would turn around a text you 4-5 minutes later just to text you to say that he wasn’t by his phone and didn’t see his phone ringing. If he really cares about you, he would set aside time to speak to you and get to know you on a more personal level.


3. “I’m just not looking for anything serious.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard this infamous line before right? Translation: “I’m not trying to be in a relationship with YOU.” If you meet a guy and you ask his intentions and he’s saying this. I’m just saying girl definitely make your grand exit. An F-boy would love to keep his options open even after a couple of dates the other infamous excuse “I am trying to find myself” or “I’ve been hurt so many times I just need time alone” would definitely arise just to justify that he wants to keep his options open.


4. He is smooth with his words

He just seems like he’s the perfect gentlemen. He has a way with his words and can seduce you perfectly because he has just the right things to say; his verbal skills are exquiste that of course he uses to his advantage. He seems so dreamy doesn’t he? almost like its just so unreal.


5. His ex’s are all “crazy” –

Not everyone of your ex’s could be crazy when the common denominator is you. If a guy doesn’t even have not even one nice thing to even say about his ex at that point I’m personally looking at him with a side eye on trying to figure out what REALLY happened with his last relationship.



Sis, If you’re reading this and say “You know… this actually sounds like him” just drop him and save yourself the heartbreak and headache! However, If you missed the f’boy signs and have already been hurt: don’t let that become bitterness towards all men I promise you sis an amazing man will find you and let you know he’s not about these games and wants to make you into a wife.



Your favorite Champagne-holicUnknown


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